Preparations for your mountain bike tour:

For optimal physical preparation, we recommend that you ride at least several hours per week during the month preceding the tour. During the tour you will be on your bike every day, and we can assure you that an unprepared bottom is a sore one! If you can’t ride your bike, or don’t own one, take a spin class at your local gym a few times a week. Your level of fitness does affect how much you enjoy your tour. Check your specific itinerary for an idea of your average daily kilometer and level of strenuousness – then train appropriately.

Preparing for a tour at high elevations:

Many of our summer adventures take place at high elevations. Most people acclimate easily and without incident; however, it is best to be prepared and recognize symptoms when they occur. Being well hydrated, not with alcohol and get enough sleep before the tour begins and a good level of fitness will help. Many of our high elevation tours offer an easy first day to help people acclimate. Ibuprofen and other light pain relievers can help with headaches. The most common side effects are headache, loss of appetite and sleeplessness. Our guides are well trained to recognize altitude symptoms and will offer suggestions on how to manage them.