You can view what’s included on every tour-page in the overview tab at the right-hand column, but in general you can expect a trip to include all accommodation, all breakfasts and all dinners, 1 experienced English speaking guide and support staff, most transportation during the trip, and all the exciting memories you can possibly handle.

The product websites provides full details of each trip. If you still have questions, call us at +41-44-950-59-77, or e-mail us at info(at) We would be happy to discuss your bike-holiday with you!

We recommend booking at least 6 months in advance for most of our weekly holidays. For our weekends, we recommend at least 4 months in advance. Many of our holidays sell out well in advance so it is clever to put down your booking to guarantee you will get a spot. We offer an early-bird booking discount: if you book your trip well in advance, we will give you a 5% discount. Check out our product pages.

You can book your spot on a holiday trip by clicking ‘Book Now’ on any product page. An advantage for our well-known customers, they can book by calling us at +41 44 950 59 77 A deposit secures your place, with the balance due 2 months prior to the trip. This deposit is fully refundable for the first 14 days after you did your weekend- or week-holiday booking, so you can hold your spot risk-free for a week and use that time to sort out vacation time, flights, etc…

Day events: the bill must be settled immediately.

For further details please read our Terms and conditions.


The single-track scale is divided in the three levels of difficulty light , medium and heavy

This difficulty classes are geared to the skill level of an average Bikers with a technically current mountain bike.

For the concrete classification and accurate differentiation of the routes (and difficulty classes) are six relatively well demarcated from each other levels of (S-grade) S0 to S5 used.

Thus, the lower end of the scale with for an average biker is “loosely mobile” and the upper “with unfahrbar” = “absolutely not rideable” equated.

The difficulty class light comprises the degrees S0 and S1, means is defined by S2 and heavy includes all beyond this S grade.

The classification of the single track is exclusively based on possible objective flat or sloping path (Wegcharakteristika) under ideal conditions as sufficient natural light and dry surfaces. The classification is therefore independent and cannot be influenced or subjectively classified by variable factors such as followed.

  • the degree of danger (crash risk),
  • the weather (rain, wind, fog and snow)
  • the lighting conditions or
  • the driving speed.

In the orientation according to S-grades will thus be appreciated that the running characteristics may shift claim significantly upwards, for example due to poor weather conditions or quicker pace.

The difficulty of trails varies from trip to trip, and you can find the rating on every product page shown as Activity Level from S0 to S5, more information on the Skill Scale required by viewing the skills and fitness scale page. Please read this page carefully!

Our trips vary in difficulty please check out our Itinerary tab, for every day we give your an approximately distance in km and elevation uphill in m.

There will always be slower and faster riders on every trip; in general we try to cultivate a strong group dynamic so that people understand it’s not about getting as many kilometre as possible on the odometer but about enjoying the spectacular riding and scenery in the company of other riders, and that may require waiting every now and then. We have got several offerings where we have 2 to 5 guides on an event so we will split the group to a maximum of 8 participants. Whatever your level, you’ll get the best possible enjoyment out of your trip by getting in shape before the trip – we’ll offer training suggestions in our post-booking communications to help you on your way.

Please read our Skill and Fitness Guide for more information.

Our customers are typically between the ages of 30 and 60, but we also get people much younger and up to over 70. On a typical trip, we might have a group travelling together, or a couple or two, and 4 or 5 solo travellers. You will meet some of the most interesting and friendly people from all over the World on our trips!

You will typically start your day with a group breakfast between 7:00 or 8:00 am, then either hop on the bikes or in the support van to get to the trailhead. After a 2-to-3-hour ride, we will head to a local restaurant ore you will get a lunch freshly peppered on the spot, with a bit of time to relax before heading out on the trails again. In the afternoon, we will log another 2 to 3 hours on the bike, then, back to the hotel for a shower, ore, have some time in a tent for cleaning you, dinner, and a few drinks to celebrate a great day of adventure. We try to get you in contact as much as possible with local culture and exploring as we can while riding, so there will often be stops to check out local points of interest, or visit some locals.

On most of our trips, the maximum is eight customers / one guide and up to three service personal.

We got lot of solo traveller. You will meet many great people from around the world. Solo travellers are paired in double rooms with another solo traveller of the same gender, or may opt for a single room upgrade.

Our accommodations vary, but in general, you can expect comfortable midrange to high-end hotels. There could also be tents and a Bedouin hut. It is important to us to offer unique local accommodations.

We can accommodate almost all dietary requests, which you can enter into a special form we will send you after your booking. However, there are some exceptions. In Middle East and Africa, we can offer beside the ordinary food only vegetarian meals.

We recommend you bring your bike if ever possible. You will ride better and with more comfort on your own bike than you will with a rental. We offer just in Switzerland good quality local rentals – generally full-suspension.

Our Customers must be at least 18 years of age if travelling solo. On the other hand, 14 for day events and 16 for weekends and weekly trips if travelling with a parent, as long as they can meet the skill and fitness requirements!

Yes, we arrange custom trips all the time. We can offer a custom departure for groups of two or more (but the per-person price will go up substantially). Contact us and we’ll help you plan your dream Adventure!

Yes! We would be pleased to help you with our local knowledge to extend your trip. You can simply added an extension to your invoice at the time of your booking, or anytime afterwards up until 60 days prior to your departure.

All Swiss Bike Tours participants are required to have valid travel medical insurance. We will ask you to fill out a medical release and Information form with your medical insurance policy information and general medical information before each trip. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Cancellation insurance is too compulsory. With it, you will avoid losing the funds you have invested in your trip and flight due to an emergency or illness, or illness or death of an immediate family member. Some cancellation policies also provide baggage loss protection and other protection.

Please ensure that your insurance covers adventure travel, specifically mountain bike trips – some policies exclude ‘extreme’ sports, and often mountain biking falls into that category.

Yes, of course you will get a detailed packing list as soon you have booked a trip.

Yes! If you are interested in purchasing a trip for a friend or loved one, simply let us know when making your booking and we will provide you with a gift voucher that you can give to the recipient.

A deposit secures your place, with the balance due 2 months prior to the trip. This deposit is fully refundable for the first 14 days after you did your weekend- or week-holiday booking, so you can hold your spot risk-free for a week and use that time to sort out vacation time, flights, etc…

Day events: the bill must be settled immediately.

For further details please read our Terms and conditions.

Did you checked the Visa obligation for Switzerland? All travelers require a valid passport (with a minimum of 6 months validity). Citizens of some countries will also require a visa. Do you require a visa? Click Here Information for Entry to Switzerland (e.g. Visa obligation)

If you would like to book a transportation from the airport Zürich (ZRH) to the starting point and back to the airport (ZRH) you can add this option on specific trips on your cart. Pickup date will be a day earlier then the trip starting date and if necessary a day later then the ending date of the trip.  The price includes transportation additional overnights. The pickup points are either of the two locations below:
1. Your guide will meet you at the Zürich Airport (ZRH), at 10:00 a.m. Please meet at Helvetia Café Bar located at arrivals 2 (Ankunft 2). Click here for map and enter Helvetia Café Bar in the keyword search baror.
2. Your guide will meet you at the Hotel ibis budget Zurich Airport at 9:00 a.m. Please meet in the hotel lobby. Physical Address: Flughofstrasse 45, 8152 Glattbrugg.
If you are arriving prior to Day 1 of the itinerary, we suggest staying at Hotel ibis budget Zurich Airport. Extra hotel nights can be booked directly with the hotel by using this link.
Your guide will drive the group to an authentic Swiss hotel, at the starting point.
We’ll take the time this late afternoon to build our bikes, at the evening we’ll enjoy a classic Swiss dinner and review the exciting itinerary.
Your guide will drive the group back to Zürich.
The tour ends at the Zürich Airport (ZRH) one the Day after the itinerary. We will be dropping all riders off by 3:00 p.m.

Zürich Airport has the Code ZRH

We do not book flights for our international customers

We offer lots of add-ons to help you get the most out of your tour! From mountain bike rentals, to single room upgrades, transportation, and pre and post-tour hotel nights. there are lots of options to help you have the best experience possible.
To book your add-ons, select them at your cart on your initial booking.

If you’ve never traveled with your bike, don’t worry – it’s much easier than you think! If you don’t have a case for your bike, then you can pick up a cardboard travel box for your bike at your local store. Some stores will also pack your bike up for you for a fee.
Alternately, if you want a higher level of protection, and/or are planning on traveling with your bike more than just once,  we  recommend investing in a quality bike bag or case.  Our guides and past clients have recommended the following products:
EVOC bike bag  | DAKINE bike bag  | THULE bike case
For tips on packing your bike, watch this Thule video we linked for you!

While participating in a Swiss Bike Tours trip, the rider assumes all risk and expense related to loss or damage to the mountain bike, whether rented from a third party or owned by the rider. This assumption of risk includes loss or damage due to transportation, theft, vandalism, accident, misuse, higher forces, or other events leading to the loss or damage of the mountain bike.

If you don’t feel like hauling your own bike around the globe, renting is an alternative option. However, we have the following rental bike in our fleet, we are unable to promise a particular model or wheel size.
Stevens Bikes Whaka
Stevens Bikes Jura
Note: If you are renting, and would prefer to use your own pedals and/or saddle, bring them with you and we’ll swap them out when you arrive. Our Guides will have the required tools.

If you have never assembled your bike, do not worry! Our guides will be on hand to assist.

For trips to Switzerland, we recommend an all-mountain or cross country trail bike with at least 120mm or more of travel. A dropper post is highly recommended.

We suggests a Continental Race King ProTection Tires or a Continental Mountain King ProTection Tires.. Maxxis High Roller’s are also great tires for terrain in Switzerland. We ask that all Customers be respectful of the group, and show up with the appropriate bike to minimize bike related delays before or during riding.

We recommend leg protection and a CC-Helmet. A Helmet is mandatory on all Swiss Bike Tours Events! Full-body protection and full-face helmets are not necessary.

The weather in the Alps can be quite cool, especially in the evenings, with lows dipping below 5 degrees Celsius, so we recommend you pack accordingly. Daytime highs are usually quite ok in the autumn, ranging from mid 10 to low 20 degrees.

Snow high in the mountains is not unheard of, even though it is Summer. Occasionally, temperatures drop below 0 degree Celsius (°C)

Although rain is rare in the autumn months, we still recommend you bring quality rain gear or shell.

Tools and spare parts for your bike to bring

We recommend bringing the following tools with you. Rest assured your guides will have a full tool kit, but it’s a good idea to have the following items with you in case of trailside breakdowns:

  • multitool (preferably with chainbreaker)
  • tire levers
  • 2 spare tube
  • small tire pump (not a floor pump)
  • 1 Rear derailleur hanger
  • Front and rear brake pads (1 set of each is sufficient)
  • Any rare parts that might be hard to find locally (Shimano and SRAM are generally available in all our locations, but Magura levers, for instance, might not be available everywhere)

If you are renting a bike, the above is not necessary (with the exception of a few spare tubes).

All Breakfast and dinners are included in the trip price. Lunch will be taken in local restaurants or on the trail. You should budget CHF20-25.- per Lunch, excluding drinks.

Available every day at your own cost.

WiFi available every day at the Hotel.

Please visit your local travel clinic for the most up to date information.

Withdraw money from an ATM in Switzerland (which are widely available) – you can withdraw local money (Swiss Francs in Switzerland and Euros for visiting Italy) and will usually be charged the best rate by your bank at home.

For more on our Terms and condition, Terms of payment and Cancellation terms, please visit the following page: Terms and condition

Travel medical insurance and trip cancellation is mandatory for all of our trips. If you have your own travel medical insurance it needs to:
a) cover evacuation (e.g. air evacuation) and hospital costs while in other countries
b) cover mountain biking trips (some policies include mountain biking in their list of ‘extreme’ sports that are not covered).
c) Trip cancellation up to 100% of your trip cost
We strongly recommend also getting insurance that covers the following:
• Equipment protection for delay, loss, theft and damage (if traveling with your bike/expensive equipment)
• Trip interruption up to 100% of trip cost
• Medical expenses up to CHF 50’000
• Emergency medical transportation up to CHF1’000’000
Please note that our cancellation policy is strict. If you decide not to purchase cancellation/interruption insurance, and then get hurt or sick before or during your Ride, please don’t ask us for a refund.

For travelers from around the world, we recommend   World Nomads. 
For U.S. travelers, we recommend   Global Rescue (Individual Medical Plan with Signature Travel Insurance Plan)
Another option for U.S.  travelers, we recommend   Travelex   (we suggest the Travel Select Plan with the Adventure Plus Pak).

If you have booked we will send you a detailed contacts for your family.

Our guides are all 1st aid trained and certified and know how to respond to emergency situations very well. They always cary very well-stocked 1st aid kits in their day packs.

Rest assured that your safety is our #1 concern, and steps are taken to mitigate risk and prevent incidents from happening. If you were to be injured on the trail, our guides will act as first responders and will look after you with proper and professional care. If emergency help or an evacuation is needed, our guides will have the contact information of the nearest hospital/emergency care facility, along with the required communication equipment (cell phones and/or satellite phones) and help will be on its way. If you are traveling in Switzerland, you are a lucky boy, Switzerland has one of the world best emergency organisations. Have a look at REGA.

Switzerland is a safe country; however, certain precautions should be followed, as with all foreign travel. To maximize your safety during our tours you should exercise common sense and caution at all times. We recommend that you always stick to set travel arrangements, and avoid unknown areas. We also recommend that you wear minimal jewellery and that you keep valuable items safely stored. Always keep a copy of your passport, airline tickets, traveller’s checks and credit card numbers separate from where you keep the originals.

We encourage you to tip your guides if you feel you have received excellent service and have had an enjoyable trip. A typical gratuity usually varies between 2% – 6% of your Tour price per guide, depending on your level of satisfaction. e.g. CHF2000.- trip = CHF 40.- to CHF120.- per guide.