Terms and conditions

The following “Terms and Conditions of Contract and Travel” of Swiss Bike Tours together with the travel and/or riding technique programme form an integral part of the contract between you and us.

Trip Price Guarantee

Swiss Bike Tours guarantees its prices as displayed.  We consistently offer the highest quality trips at the best value. We guarantee you the best trip at the best value.

How to Sign Up

Our office staff is available by phone Mo-Fr from 9-16 local time to help you book your perfect Bike Adventure. If you would like to book your trip online, we make it easy. Please visit our website swissbi5.myhostpoint.ch for a secure reservation 24 hours a day. A CHF 500 deposit per person is required on all tours. It may be made by major credit card (Visa, MasterCard). Your deposit is 100% refundable for up to 14 days after you make your deposit. If it is within 60 days of your trip departure, 100% payment is required to get your spot. Your final payment is due 60 days prior to your trip departure. The terms of the Cancellation Policy then apply.

To reserve your spot on a one-day event needs always 100% payment. The terms of the Cancellation Policy then apply.

Guaranteed Trip Departure

Your trip departure is guaranteed. No other company in Switzerland offers an easier or economical way to guarantee your trip. At Swiss Bike Tours we know that your time is valuable and having a tour company cancel your trip due to low enrollment is inconvenient and costly. While this does not happen often, the anxiety of this happening can be stressful – especially when you are booking airfare and other land costs. That is why at Swiss Bike Tours we are now offering a Guaranteed Trip Departure Policy for all events within Switzerland which guarantees your trip will not be cancelled.  How it works; at the time of your booking, select in the cart the Guaranteed Trip Departure option, adding an additional CHF 500 per person to your trip cost. If no other guests sign up on your selected trip, your trip will run no matter what – even if it is just you. If at least 5 guests sign up for your trip (including you), you will not be charged the CHF 500 when final payment is collected. You will receive an email confirmation when your final payment is processed.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you will love your trip. In fact, we’re so confident in the consistent quality of our tours that we guarantee all our trips. If for some reason you find any aspect of your tour to be unsatisfactory, we will address your concerns and remedy the situation. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and earn your 100% satisfaction.

BEST PHOTO OF THE YEAR contest Starts at 2019 February 1st!

If you are on a trip wiht us, simply submit your favorite photo by October 1st of this year, and you will be entered to receive a free tour with in Switzerland up to CHF 1000 in value. Photos submitted will be posted and used by Swiss Bike Tours for any marketing material. Photos must be digital and at least 2.5 meg.

 Timeline for Final Payment

Up until 60 days prior to trip departure Weekends and Weekly trips100% of what you have paid minus a CHF 200 processing fee per person.

Day events

100% what you have paid minus a CHF 50 processing fee per person.

59-46 days prior to trip departure Weekends and Weekly trips50% of what you have paid minus a CHF 200 processing fee per person

Day events

50% of what you have paid minus a CHF 50 processing fee per person

45-31 days prior to trip departure Weekends and Weekly trips15% of what you have paid minus a CHF 200 processing fee per person

Day events

No Refund

30-0 days prior trip departure No Refund


If we cancel your tour for any reason, you will receive 100% of what you have paid. There is no partial refund for starting a tour late or leaving a trip early. In order to keep our tours affordable and provide proper notice to our lodging partners, we must adhere to this timeline, no exceptions. After our refund deadline has passed, we cannot provide a refund for any reason, including circumstances beyond your control such as weather-related travel delays, family emergency, or injury.  Insurance agencies however, offer a full or partial refund in many circumstances if you purchase travel insurance to cover your tour. Please see our Travel Insurance Information in this section.

Tour Confirmation

After your tour is confirmed, it will not be cancelled for low-enrollment, but in rare cases may be cancelled due to weather, government intervention, unsafe trail conditions, or any other reason that would affect the quality of the schedule tour or the safety of its participants. If we are forced to cancel your tour, we will provide a 100% refund and work to add you to another trip that works for you. If you need to cancel your multiday tour for any reason, your request must be in writing.

Travel Plans

We advise you to avoid non-refundable flights and other travel arrangements and are not responsible for the costs of such arrangement in the event your tour is canceled. The travel insurance offered in conjunction with our tours covers the cost of your tour but does not cover additional costs such as travel to and from your tour departure location, and hotel stays prior to or following your tour. Please consider purchasing additional insurance coverage if you have non-refundable travel arrangements. Please note tour itineraries and tour descriptions provided prior to your trip provide an overview of our standard tour. However, there are times that your tour may differ somewhat from this sample based on participant skill levels and interest, weather conditions, and other factors. In these events, Swiss Bike Tours – highly trained and qualified tour guides- will work with guests to craft the best possible tour experience for the entire group.

Travel Insurance

Travel medical insurance and trip cancellation is mandatory for all of our trips. If you have your own travel medical insurance it needs to:
a) cover evacuation (e.g. air evacuation) and hospital costs while in other countries
b) cover mountain biking trips (some policies include mountain biking in their list of ‘extreme’ sports that are not covered).
c) Trip cancellation up to 100% of your trip cost
We strongly recommend also getting insurance that covers the following:
• Equipment protection for delay, loss, theft and damage (if traveling with your bike/expensive equipment)
• Trip interruption up to 100% of trip cost
• Medical expenses up to CHF 50’000
• Emergency medical transportation up to CHF1’000’000
Please note that our cancellation policy is strict. If you decide not to purchase cancellation/interruption insurance, and then get hurt or sick before or during your Ride, please don’t ask us for a refund.

For travelers from around the world, we recommend   World Nomads. 
For U.S. travelers, we recommend   Global Rescue (Individual Medical Plan with Signature Travel Insurance Plan)
Another option for U.S.  travelers, we recommend   Travelex   (we suggest the Travel Select Plan with the Adventure Plus Pak).

Release of Liability

Our guests are aware, that mountain biking is a dangerous sport. Prior to the first ride, our guests have to sign a Release of Liability Assumption of Risks, we are unable to allow anyone to participate on any tour unless these form is completed.


Making Travel Arrangements


A valid passport is required for all international trips. If you are coming to Switzerland, you will need a passport. Be sure to check the expiration date and physical condition of your passport and verify the travel document requirements with the consulates of the countries you are planning to visit during your trip. You may also find helpful information on the FAQ trip pages below Visa regulations. To be additionally safe, and in case of losing your travel documents, make photocopies of your airline ticket confirmation and your passport. Being prepared will avoid much stress and frustration. We suggest you leave one set of copies at home with someone you trust and is available at any hour, and bring one set with you, keeping it separate from the original documents.

Clothing and Equipment

After we receive your deposit, you will be e-mailed a complete list of clothing and gear that you will need for your bike trip. It has listed items that we feel are necessary for a comfortable and safe adventure. This includes casual and comfortable layers before and after daily activities, waterproof and multiple layered -technical cycling clothing for your daily activities, and other essential items needed to make your trip unforgettable and enjoyable.

There are some restrictions to size of bags and luggage due to the nature and location of each trip. Please note that on some of our remote backcountry mountain bike tours in Oman and Lesotho, luggage is limited to one large sized duffel bag (no heavier than 23 kilogram). We also suggest bringing one small rucksack for valuables. Please ensure your luggage container is water repellant for these trips.

A word about summer/high elevation trips: We often wish we could control the weather, but unfortunately, it’s not up to us. Please consider the elevation of your tour when packing. Regardless of the time of year, days and nights at elevation can be cold. It is best to be prepared for everything. Often weather predictions are unreliable, and we recommend bringing gear for wet and cold weather under all circumstances. We have experienced freezing temperatures in both July and October. Layering works well, and a warm beanie cap is important year-round.

A word about spring and fall desert/lower elevation tours: Not many people think of “rain” and the desert together. We’re here to tell you that it can rain in the desert and be very windy and often cool at night. Keep in mind that you will be having more fun if the weather’s not making you miserable.


Rates on Swiss Bike Tours Departures:

All Swiss Bike Tours trips are priced at double occupancy. Single Supplement prices are available for most tours.

All Swiss Bike Tours Camping trips are priced at two person per tent.

Training for Your Tour

Guests often ask us what they need to do to train for a tour.  We recommend exercising regularly prior to any trip to get your muscles and cardio-vascular system prepared for the daily workout associated with adventure touring.  If you are looking for a more relaxed workout, consider our Weekend Tours. The following are a few important pointers for each type of tour:

Preparing for your Mountain Bike Tour

For optimal physical preparation, we recommend that you ride at least several hours per week during the months preceding the tour. During the tour you will be on your bike every day, and we can assure you that an unprepared bottom is a sore one! If you can’t ride your bike, or don’t own one, take a spin class at your local gym a few times a week. Your level of fitness does affect how much you enjoy your tour. Check your specific itinerary for an idea of your average daily kilometres and level of strenuousness – then train appropriately.

Preparing for a tour at high elevations

Many of our summer bike adventures like our Valais, Engadine or Valle Maira trips, take place at high elevations. Most people acclimate easily and without incident however, it is best to be prepared and recognize symptoms when they occur. Being well hydrated, not with alcohol and get enough sleep before the tour begins and a good level of fitness will help. Many of our high elevation tours offer an easy first day to help people acclimate. Ibuprofen and other light pain relievers can help with headaches. The most common side effects are headache, loss of appetite and sleeplessness. Our Trip Leaders are well trained to recognize altitude symptoms and will offer suggestions on how to manage them.

Fittnes Scale

You will find on every itinerary and day a description of the approximate distance in km and the approximate elevation in m.

Please make sure, that you are able to meet this expectation within reasonable limits.

Technical Ratings

While every Swiss Bike Tours trip is designed to appeal to active adventure seekers, and in many cases, particular skill levels, there is always a different idea of what that exactly means.


The single-track scale is divided in the three levels of difficulty light , medium and heavy

This difficulty classes are geared to the skill level of an average Bikers with a technically current mountain bike.

For the concrete classification and accurate differentiation of the routes (and difficulty classes) are six relatively well demarcated from each other levels of (S-grade) S0 to S5 used.

Thus, the lower end of the scale with for an average biker is “loosely mobile“ and the upper “with unfahrbar“ = “absolutely not rideable” equated.

The difficulty class light comprises the degrees S0 and S1, means is defined by S2 and heavy includes all beyond this S grade.

The classification of the single track is exclusively based on possible objective flat or sloping path (Wegcharakteristika) under ideal conditions as sufficient natural light and dry surfaces. The classification is therefore independent and cannot be influenced or subjectively classified by variable factors such as followed.

  • the degree of danger (crash risk),
  • the weather (rain, wind, fog and snow)
  • the lighting conditions or
  • the driving speed.

In the orientation according to S-grades will thus be appreciated that the running characteristics may shift claim significantly upwards, for example due to poor weather conditions or quicker pace.


S 0

S0 describes a single trail that has no special difficulties. These are mostly liquid forest and meadow paths on grippy natural soils or gravel solidified. Stages, rock or root sections are not expected. The slope of the path is light to moderate, the curves are extensive.

S 1

On a described with S1 way you have to already expect smaller obstacles such as shallow roots and small stones. Very often the odd gulley erosion damage and cause of the increased difficulty of the ground may be partially not solidified. The gradient is a maximum of aprox. 35 degree angle. Hairpin bends are not expected.

S 2

In the S grade S2 to be reckoned with larger roots and stones. The soil is often not solidified. Steps and shallow steps are expected. Often sharp bends occur, the slope is passages, up to aprox. 60 degree angle.

S 3

Splinted single trails with many large rocks and / or root sections belonging to the S-level S3. High levels switchbacks and brain-lateral gradients often occur, relaxed roll sections are rare. Often with slippery surfaces and loose gravel can be expected, slopes above aprox. 60 degree angle are not uncommon.

S 4

S 4 describes very steep and strong interlocked single trails with large boulders and / or demanding root passages there between often loose debris. Extreme steep ramps, narrow switchbacks and steps in which the chainring touches inevitably come in 4th grade common.

S 5

The S grade S5 is characterized by block-like terrain with ascents, boulder fields and landslides, eye-like switchbacks, multiple high, directly following on each other heels and obstacles such as fallen trees – all often in extreme steepness. If anything, little spout and stopping distance is present. Obstacles such need. T. be managed in combination