Our Company’s Mission Statement

Beyond the Line

As a politically neutral, national and internationally active tour operator we would like to describe our company policies and in particular our goals and action principles with the mission statements that follow.

These company policies shall form the basis for a healthy business development into the future and to help cement our position as a national and international tour operator.

  1. We, at Swiss Bike Tours, place human ethics together with its natural and cultural environment at the centre.
  2. We would like to exceed the expectations of our contracting authorities and guests with a responsible and creative offer.
  3. Our offer is only arranged for small groups.
  4. We are committed to progressive employee principles.
  5. We care for partnerships with people, businesses and institutions important to us through close personal contacts and fair business practices.
  6. When designing our tours, we avoid recognisable risks and respect the conservation of cultural and scenic attractions of the destinations we visit.
  7. We see to it that our services meet ethical, cultural and material quality requirements.
  8. On all levels of our business we encourage and promote innovative thinking and practices and support practical tourism research.
  9. To secure the continued existence of our business, we would like to align our services to business principles.