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The offered long-distance bike tours couldn't be more different. First of all, Oman with its breath taking various deserts and the unique Indian Ocean. Then Normandy and Brittany with beaches, granite rocks, fishing ports and the Atlantic Ocean. Finally Canada, with the incredible landscape, the animals and the Polar Sea. You may choose!

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Best Seasons:March, June, July, August, December
Popular Location:France, Canada, Oman

The challenge calls

Something unique to experience

    Canada Dempster Hwy

    23 Tage

    Experience your Polar day! One of the ten most awesome experiences you can ever have! The Canada Dempster Hwy is the most northern gravel road in Canada. Experience your first Polar day in this bike holiday! One of the 10…

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    Fischer beim Netz auswerfen an der Oman Küsten Tour

      Oman Coast Trip

      14 Tage

      The vastness, the salt, the sun – Can you feel it already? This Oman Coastal Bike Tour is a dream between sea and desert! On one side the Indian Ocean with its innumerable bays and fishing villages accompanies you. On…

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