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As a politically neutral, nationally and internationally active mountainbike tour guiding business, it is our goal to offer the entire range from technical mountainbike riding courses to biking weekends, biking tours in Switzerland and biking holidays in chosen international destinations.

Sustainable Travel

Support our commitment to climate protection by compensating your travel s carbon emissions. Donate CHF 50.- we will double it and pass it on to WWF!

Mission & Values

We, at Swiss Bike Tours, place human ethics together with its natural and cultural environment at the centre.


Our experience is your advantage!

2002 - Swiss Bike Tours founded in Isikon (Hittnau), Swizerland, by Peter Wermelinger
2002 - First bike technique classes in Isikon
2003 - Entry in the commercial register Zürich, Switzerland
2004 - First women's bike technique classes in Isikon
2004 - First overnight trip to the Swiss Alps
2004 - Partnership wiht Tour de Suisse Rad AG and Stevens Bikes
2004 - First international scouting trip to Oman
2005 - three new weekend tips to the Swiss Alps
2006 - Frist weekly trips to the Swiss Alps
2007 - First weekly trips to the southern part of Switzerland
2007 - Cape Epic participation
2008 - First scouting trip to South Africa
2008 - First women's weekly trips to the southern part of Switzerland
2010 - First Lesotho crossing

2012 - Scouting trip to the Dampster Hwy in Canada
2014 - First Lesotho Sky Race participation
2015 - Second scouting trip to South Africa
2015 - Scouting trip to Alsace Vosgese in France
2015 - Scouting trip to Valle Maira in Italy
2015 - Scouting trip to northern Spain
2016 - Partnership wiht a new Hotel in the southern part of Switzerland
2017 - Bilding a Skills Park at the Hotel in the souhtern part of Switzerland
2017 - Bike technique weekend classes in the souhtern part of Switzerland
2017 - Partnership wiht Ortho St. Gallen the best Sportklinik in Switzerland
2018 - Partnership wiht RN Racing Team for trainig units/weekends in Switzerland
2018 - Scouting trip to southern Spain
2019 - New Web Page
2019 - Scouting trip to France (Brittany)
2019 - Wep Page in English

``Let us step into a souk and pursue that 1001 flighty temptress sense of smell.”

Start planing your thrilling and extraordinary bike adventure!

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Desert Trips

Wide sand dunes, shimmering sun, merciless heat, it doesn't always have to be that way! We show you mountain deserts, alluvial desertsand of course  sandy deserts! All at reasonable temperatures.

Woman Biking

Our offer oriented specifically for women who like biking reaches from bike technique classes to fantastic bike holidays – perfectly arranged to meet your expectations. Improve your bike technique in…

Bike Weeks

Our bike holiday offers, around the World, in Europe and Switzerland, can be summarized best as a one in a million experience. Singletrails are so numerous that they can make…

Bike Holidays International

Have you always wanted to visit the country of Sindbad the Sailor? In Oman you can still experience the stories of 1001 Nights today. Or biking a little closer in…

remote area

If you are looking for seclusion, if you like to move to places where tourists rarely come by, this is the right place for you! The overnight accommodations on these…

Bike Holiday Europe

There are so many single trails in Europe that they make the hearts of every biker beat faster. We offer you a wide variety of tours in Alsace, from leisurely…

Bike Technique

Would you like to gain more security as a beginner? Or, as an experienced biker, would you like to learn how to turn your rear wheel in a tight turn?…


Some of our mountain bike tours have already achieved cult status! We are very proud of that. That means our highest goal is your satisfaction! We wouldlike to welcome you again. That is why we attach great importance to adapting and optimizing our mountain bike tours…

Bike Holiday Switzerland

Our bike holiday offers in Switzerland can be summarized best as a one in a million experience. From demanding to leisurely Switzerland has any kind of trail to offer. Thanks…

Bike Weekends

To bike, to enjoy, to eat, to laugh and to live a life of adventure – the summary of our bike weekend offers. Whether it is near or far we…


Tours in the high mountains are something very special. Theimpressions, which can be taken up partly in very remote valleys, willburn in the memory. Photographs can only reproduce the experiencein extracts. Let yourself be enchanted.


Biking, the perfekt combination of movement and experience

The combination of experience

On all my travels, I have found that the speed to experience something is very important to me. Hiking would be too slow, driving with the air-conditioned car through the area is much too fast for me. Biking gives you the opportunity to experience so much.
Mountain biking combines countless things that we perceive as a pleasant experience. We are physically active, we measure ourselves against others, we sharpen our senses, we practice our balance. This is the sporting and health side.

There's a lot more that biking can do. Biking can awaken the eye for nature, you smell flower meadows, fresh hay, spruce resin or oriental spices. You broaden your horizons by getting to know and understand local people and their customs. You will gain a deep insight into foreign cultures. The shared experience with like-minded people is of great importance. Friendships develop across national borders and when you meet again, you can tell stories about experienced bike adventures.

All this and much more can be produced by biking. Do you want to be a part of it?

Peter Wermelinger