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On the Dempster HWY to the Polar circle and the polar sea is an exceptional tour which we only offer every few years. Starting at the Rocky Mountains we’ll be using woodland roads to get through regions with alpine Tundra character. As there are just a few hotels to be found on our tour we’ll have campers provided to sleep in it.

What makes this tour really special are the countless opportunities to watch animals in their natural environment: Elks, wolves, foxes and also arctic ground squirrels. If you love the one-in-a-kind experiences, Canada is the place to be!

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Best Season:June - August
Popular Location: Yukon, Northern Territory, White Horse, Dawson City

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    Canada Dempster Hwy

    23 Tage

    Experience your Polar day! One of the ten most awesome experiences you can ever have! The Canada Dempster Hwy is the most northern gravel road in Canada. Experience your first Polar day in this bike holiday! One of the 10…

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